A powerful pest repellent that can drive people away

I think this qualifies as one of those experiences where we feel ‘chopped’.

We bought this ‘Philips’ ultra-sonic mosquito repellant device from Taobao, hoping that it can be a good alternative to our ThermaCell device.

The ThermaCell works great by the way, based on our 1 x overnight field test at a HDB void deck during a wake (we will possibly write more on that later even though we didn’t get it from Taobao).

Even though we had a solution that worked, I had to ‘backside itchy’ and go looking for viable alternatives because I just didn’t like the idea of being forced to continue buying Thermacell refills for the rest of my life (some people can be so hard to please right?)

The ‘affordable printer, proprietary ink cartridge’ model may be good for companies, it’s not so good for consumers because it leaves us with very little option but to just take whatever pricing being set by companies.

So coming back to this ‘Philip’s Ultra-Sonic Mosquito repellant…I was so excited to open it up when it arrived.

First Impressions

This is definitely not ‘Philips’. This is a device with a half-hearted attempt at knocking off the Philips Branding with an effortless printing of the words ‘Philips Life’ in a random font from someone’s default Microsoft Font Library.

The colors on the device looked decent enough and I was still hopeful that even though it was definitely not ‘Philips’, it may still work as an insect repellent because I doubt the mosquitoes will be discerning enough to differentiate between an authentic brand and a knock-off.


The device itself is actually very portable and it would have been easy to carry around with you if you were planning to go to a mosquito-infested area like the great outdoors. It comes with a decent enough clip that allows you to clip it to your clothes or to your bag.

I like the fact that it works using a rechargeable battery and a USB cable, which makes it easy to use and recharge straight from a power bank.

Does it Work?

I guess it depends on whether you are a glass half full or glass half empty type of person. I’ve seen a beetle do a sharp U-turn away from our airspace when I switched on the device. So that means it works right?

Not exactly. You see, when we switched on the device, it emits a ‘supposedly’ high pitch ultrasound frequency that we could hear. 

I double checked with the seller…apparently, it *is* supposed to emit a high-pitch irritating sound that is discernible to the human ear because this was an ‘outdoor’ model that was ‘stronger’.

Listen for yourself and decide…

You most definitely cannot bring this outfield with you if you are a Singaporean Son serving NS or Reservist.

Due to how loud the device is, you confirm will tio gan by an encik for not being tactical even though it comes in a nice camo-like green color.

That being said, you can always sabo your friend and give them one…

So how? Can use not?

Based on my one observation of a beetle doing a sharp u-turn when I turned on the device, I suppose it does work. I would imagine that if you were to use it, you will have to:

  1. Wear Earphones and blast music so that you cannot hear the high pitch shrill of the device at work
  2. Get used to the high pitch shrill in your ears
  3. Be prepared for a lonesome existence because the device WILL drive both people and pests away (I guess some people are pests…)
  4. Turn it on and leave it outside your door in hopes that it drives everything away.


A quick search on the internet would have revealed that there is no such product in the Philips range of electronic products.

To be fair, they have plastered their logo / name all over the shop, I was just too careless to notice it when shopping on mobile.

This device costs $20.66 and I personally don’t think that this is money well-spent. I still feel a tinge of disappointment every time I see it.

It’s a shame because if it wasn’t so irritating to the ear, I will probably use it on a more regular basis.

I’m giving it 1.5 Carrots for its usability and 2 Choppers to reflect feelings of disappointment towards what it could be if it wasn’t repelling me away as well.

Rated 1.5 out of 5 Carrots
Rated 2 out of 5 Choppers

If you think this can be a gag gift of sorts or are planning to use it ‘outdoors’ by leaving it outside your door… you can get it HERE

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