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We are a couple addicted to Taobao shopping and we are going to share with you all the good stuff & good laughs we have bought over the years through MyTaobaoLifestyle.com

We strive to give you honest, curated reviews of everything we’ve bought from Taobao using our Carrots and Choppers system of rating every purchase.

Carrots represent good stuff we’ve found, while Choppers are used to express our feelings of being ‘chopped’ when what we get isn’t exactly what we expect.

We hope you will have as much fun reading about these purchases as we do writing them.

Join us on Taobao shopping sprees if you like good deals, don’t mind the wait (as freight forwarding and shipping can be siao siao these days) and have the stomach for getting ‘chopped’ occasionally where reality is a mismatch from your perfectly reasonable expectations.

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